Our Mission


We're on a mission to fight food waste by helping you save money and eat better. But, we can only do this by revising the current grocery ecosystem where a third of the food grown globally is wasted. 

At EroeGo, we believe this must stop, certainly in the UAE where 1 million tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year.  

A lot of this waste is caused by the 'ugly' problem - this bit of veg is 'too big', that one is 'too small', and the other has a 'funny shape'.  

Other common reasons include:  

  • Items being close to their ‘sell by’ date  
  • Excess produce not being needed 
  • Packaging that is out of date 
  • Cosmetic reasons, such as unusual colouring  

When this food goes in the bin, not only does it waste the food produce, but it also wastes the energy, water and resources that went into making it. 

At EroeGo, we embrace this food, and we rescue it. We make it affordable then deliver it right to your doorstep in only one click to save you time and make your grocery bill cheaper. And, for every box delivered, we'll provide meals for two people facing hunger to help fight inequality.

Together, we're finding a new way to make a positive impact on our planet – one carrot at a time.